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Brand Creation

Sands Beach Beachfront Resort, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The first task for this resort was to develop a new brand image to reposition the resort to widen its target market, to unify its many constituent parts, and create relevance in todays market.

A core idea was devised to drive all creative work. The name was changed to a more simplified version with an associated strap-line, which was more evocative of the product. A comprehensive toolkit of branded materials was created for internal & external use. In addition to this I created all promotional material for the resort including advertising campaigns. I devised signage solutions for the resort and branded environment interior schemes to tie the disparate physical spaces and services together.

There was a need to develop a branded hierarchy for the many sub-branded activities/services within the resort. For each of these sub-brands I developed a kit of parts to a greater or lesser extent. Some of these were set to become larger branded entities. (see other work – Sands Beach Active, Fresh, Buddy.)

The result is an improved more connected consumer experience, business growth, new target markets, expansion plans.

I continue to work with Sands Beach to further develop branded and promotional materials, and collaborate in their extended branded activity. Creating graphic design solutions for print, web, signage, interiors and advertising campaigns. Sands Beach continue to remain relevant in their market.

Exhibit photography provided by the client.
principal photographer: James Mitchell