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WA Partnership Limited, Consumer and personal finance education consultants

Having created the original brand for WA Partnership, and original website, there was now a need to have a complete overhaul, to rebuild the website in order to create a content management system that the client could control themselves and to create a new and modern look for the company, to communicate their offering more effectively.

I developed a fresh image to fit with the demands of modern audiences. A new cartoon-like illustrative style was developed to use on the website, to present a more approachable friendly image. Other illustration was done for the team portraits and icons for signposting. A new content managed website was built with a fresh layout design and with a responsive layout which also responds to different platforms – tablet, mobile phone etc. This enables the site to appear consistent in any environment.

A ‘how to’ guide manual was written to assist the client in self management and further training given.

I continue to work with WA Partnership.