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Image revitalisation

Restaurant in the Village of Teguise, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The task was to revitalise the image of this local restaurant to improve customer awareness, grow the business and identify new markets.

I devised various solutions to address these problems, both strategic and creative.

A simpler name, new signage systems, a new approach to the menus, interior design, additional offerings, to define the space, all added to improve the customer experience. A new web site with many marketing tools to build customer awareness and community, along with printed promotional matter enabled better communication with customers to build retention. A design toolkit was created for the client to enable them to create their own branded material, with a graphic design guide, along with extensive training on the website and associated marketing tools.

The result is business growth and a client more in control of the business, image & marketing.

Menu redesign, Website redesign

A new menu was devised to present the contents in a more evocative manner, and to improve readability.

A new multilingual website was designed to incorporate the evolved visual vocabulary of the brand and to group together the different business offerings. More languages are being added to reflect the varied visitors to the restaurants. The website is still evolving.