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Lineas Romero

Maritime transport and tourism


Lineas Romero focus on three key areas of business, ocean tours, maritme transport and tourist experiences. Still a family owned business, they are providing an essential service for the local community as well as memorable experiences for tourists. They continue to grow, adding new vessels to their fleet and crafting new experiences for visitors.


Straight away I saw a need to unify their existing image. There was no consistency of image across their offerings. There was a need to build a credible corporate image, and one which would appeal to all markets. I used their own story, the history and heritage of the business to develop a brand strategy and from this a brandmark refinement and a visual vocabulary, that would play out across all points of touch. I designed literature systems for printed matter and advertising, livery systems for office signage, interiors, and boats, and electronic templates for internal use. The aim was to build something engaging and memorable to audiences, and to put the name ‘Lineas Romero’ at the heart of maritime transport and tourism in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

In 2020 they celebrate 50 years. I crafted an ident to celebrate this milestone. I continue to work with Lineas Romero, developing their brand.