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Brand Creation

Sands Beach Beachfront Resort, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The first task for this resort was to develop a new brand image to reposition the resort to widen its target market, to unify its many constituent parts, and create relevance in todays market.

A core idea was devised to drive all creative work. The name was changed to a more simplified version with an associated strap-line, which was more evocative of the product. A comprehensive toolkit of branded materials was created for internal & external use. In addition to this I created all promotional material for the resort including advertising campaigns. I devised signage solutions for the resort and branded environment interior schemes to tie the disparate physical spaces and services together.

There was a need to develop a branded hierarchy for the many sub-branded activities/services within the resort. For each of these sub-brands I developed a kit of parts to a greater or lesser extent. Some of these were set to become larger branded entities. (see other work – Sands Beach Active, Fresh, Buddy.)

The result is an improved more connected consumer experience, business growth, new target markets, expansion plans.

I continue to work with Sands Beach to further develop branded and promotional materials, and collaborate in their extended branded activity. Creating graphic design solutions for print, web, signage, interiors and advertising campaigns. Sands Beach continue to remain relevant in their market.


Supermarket Identity Creation

Internal supermarket at Sands Beach Resort Lanzarote

One of the many internal facilities in the resort is a small supermarket. The task, to refresh this supermarket was something larger than some of the other facilities. It required its own brand identity in order to communicate its offering more effectively, but at the same time fit into the brand mix for the resort as a whole.

I developed a name, an identity, a strategy for store layout with key signage, window decals, staff apparel, carrier bags etc. This creates an improved customer experience, engenders staff loyalty and adds value to the overall holiday experience as offered by Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote.

The result was immediate with greater footfall and increased turnover.


Character brand creation

Buddy’s Club at Sands Beach Beachfront Resort

As part of the brand creation programme at Sands Beach, the task was to develop a brand for the children’s entertainment service. The brand was to centre around the resort mascot, Buddy the dog. I crafted a character which was based on the physical costume used for the Buddy mascot. This was then integrated into the logotype and a host of applications related to ‘buddy’s club’ including printed matter, signage, web, apparel, and souvenirs.

The result is a more engaging experience for children and a happier parent.


Sub-brand development

Sporting facilities, events and activities supported by Sands Beach

Created out of a need to establish a separate identity for Sands Beach Beachfront Resort sporting activity, the Sands Beach Active brand has now become a strong branded presence in its own right.

A structured format of brand signatures with associated iconography have been developed to promote the varied sporting events which Sands Beach Resort both host and sponsor, with a system for self promotion and sponsorship endorsement. This graphic design identity solution provides a strong platform to build a strong brand for the sports offering.

I continue to design related branded promotional material which range from printed matter, web, large format, flags, banners, exhibition, and apparel. The Resort has successfully repositioned itself as a sporting destination choice, due to it’s quality facilities and it’s clearly defined branded presence.

The result is a new and expanding market for this resort with an international presence.


Identity for new space, for dining, swimming, relaxing; for clients and the general public

A new space in the complex that is also open to the public, accessed from the beach promenade.  This needed an identity. It had to be separate from the main brand, but be tied to it. I suggested the name Lido, and created a script font brand mark. The rainbow concept from the main brand was used as a link and as a strong visual device. This colour system followed through further signage and interior design.

Exhibit photography provided by the client.